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James M. Sausmer CPA LLC focuses on quality reviews for CPA firms, 401K audit services, business consulting, and income tax preparation services for businesses and individuals. Jim is a highly experienced CPA with over 30 years of experience peforming qualitiy reviews. His areas of expertise include audits, reviews, compilations, employee benefit plans, SOC reports, and, agreed upon procedures. No matter what the service, you can count on Jim for an uncommon level of personal attention and reliable financial advice.

Because Jim is an experienced CPA, he can also devise a tax strategy aimed at reducing liabilities and maximizing profits for you and your business. He'll continue to fine-tune this plan as tax laws change to be sure you're always saving you the most money on your taxes. In addition to businesses, Jim offers income tax preparation for business owners and individuals and will submit all tax filings electronically so tax refunds are processed quickly.

Call Jim at 732-261-7710 now or request a free consultation online to find out what he can do for you and your business.

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James M Sausmer

James M. Sausmer, MBA, CPA/ABV, CVA

At the end of 2018, James M. Sausmer, CPA ("Jim") retired from Mazars USA LLP, a large CPA firm where he was a partner for over 28 years. Jim's experience as an accounting and audit partner and quality reviewer focused on many industries and included tax planning and preparation for the clients he serviced.

Now that his retirement is over, Jim is available to assist individuals with tax preparation and planning and businesses with financial planning, succession planning, budgeting, strategic planning, and tax planning. Jim is also certified in business valuation and knows how to add value to your company.

With over 40 years of experience in public accounting, Jim is ready to assist you in paying less taxes and managing your business more profitably. Call Jim at 732-261-7710 now to arrange a tax or business "Check-UP" to find out what he can do for you and your business.