Monroe Township, NJ CPA

Accounting Services

James M Sausmer CPA offers small business accounting made easy. Jim's accounting and bookkeeping services allow you to manage your finances and see beyond the numbers to make the right moves for your business. As your CPA, Jim funnels a steady supply of financial data your way to help you manage cash flow, monitor expenses, and keep your business on track. He'll also be on hand to discuss concerns and assist you in making tough financial decisions. Give Jim a call at 732-261-7710 or request a free consultation now to learn more.

Quality Review Services for CPA Firms

Jim can perform a pre-issuance quality review of your reports and files, assist in planning audit engagements, and provide consultation to guide you in the application of standards.

401K Audit Services

Standardized and efficient procedures that produce quality audits and reports.

Financial and Business Consulting

Jim has the powerful business improvement solutions to reduce taxes, increase efficiencies, and enable you to take hold of higher profits.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Jim will put together a package of small business accounting services that’s perfectly matched to your needs and can be adjusted as your business grows.